Sorting out for the new year

I am interested in trying to be more consistent and have a more…complete follow-through we shall say. Really that just means stopping leaving things half undone… projects, quilts, filing, thoughts, spreadsheets, ideas, etc.

Instead of having several lists of quilts in progress, I combined them into one big list. (Projects in some state of completion: 20, Ideas for which I have the pattern/fabric: 10, Projects I kinda-sorta want to make: 6 that are written down but hundreds more in my head).

And I cleaned out my under-the-bed overflow storage area today. Fabric was put away. Projects sorted into ONE zipper container (that originally held a queen duvet to give you an idea of size).

Quilt tops needing quilting were all measured so that I can get batting and backings for them. Need those before I can get them quilted! They will all go to my bin under the longarm.


And this went into the recycling bin: the stencil I made for an oversize baptist fan pattern.


It was for my scrap vomit quilt (sorry Katy, can’t call it anything else!), completed March 2013. It measures 98″ square, has 2,458 2″ squares in it, and was quilted on my domestic machine.

Scrap Vomit copy

Day 227

Nerd alert! You have been warned.

I have a spreadsheet called “lifetime quilt tracker.” It should be fairly self evident what the purpose of it is. I discovered this week that I have been somewhat lax about keeping my stats up to date. Like really freaking lax, for more than a year. Oops. So I spent an hour? two? today pulling out quilts,  measuring them, and counting the number of pieces in them. And then I inputted all of it and sorted by the finished date. Then I added the start dates when I knew them. Then I found out that spreadsheets will calculate time for you, oh the joy!

Stats for you….

Fastest quilt ever: six days (it measures 20″ x 18″). Slowest quilt: 447 weeks and counting!

Smallest quilt: 3.75″ square. Largest quilt: 98″ square.

I have made 49 quilts (unless I’ve forgotten a few more). I have 13 in progress and one more being started next week. And a million more ideas.

I made my first quilt in January 2004. I started my second quilt in October 2007. My third quilt was May 2010 and I haven’t stopped since.

I never bought any of this fabric:


Carolyn Friedlander, “Ledger” from her first line, “Architexture”

But when it came out I loved it. It’s SPREADSHEET fabric!

Today is awesome!

Well hot damn! I’m a finalist for the “Vintage Rainbow” contest hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color, and sponsored by Fabricworm.

I would love for you to vote for my mosaic. I think it’s lovely.

Vintage Rainbow 2

Also awesome: I spent some time this morning and pulled out every project I have that is more than a pile of fabric but not yet finished. I put them all on the same list in the same place and found I have thirteen quilts-in-progress. Not bad! Worse than I would like but better than I feared.

Thanks again to Rachel and Fabricworm.