New Adventures

I’ve paper pieced before but it’s not my absolute favourite quilting thing to do.

I’m doing a pattern that has both small chunky bits alternating with looooong skinny strips, and those bits can just bite me. Also, I didn’t start this soon enough and I changed my mind too many times about what I’m doing so I’m a wee bit behind.


But on the plus side, look at what I did!


Now THIS is a satisfying part of quilting.

Day 161

Yay for sewing! It’s been a shocking two weeks since I pulled out my sewing machine. But B had Brownie badges needing to be sewn, then we did the camp blanket. And since the machine was out….

IMG_2656 copy

I made me a rainbow! These are some tiny scraps from my giant log cabin quilt. But this tiny bit of goodness will be part of my new name tag for my guild’s challenge this month.

The pieces are 1/4″ finished. I paper pieced it using graph paper. IMG_2657 copy

And I didn’t cut my thumb off this time. Yay for getting better at things!