New Adventures

I’ve paper pieced before but it’s not my absolute favourite quilting thing to do.

I’m doing a pattern that has both small chunky bits alternating with looooong skinny strips, and those bits can just bite me. Also, I didn’t start this soon enough and I changed my mind too many times about what I’m doing so I’m a wee bit behind.


But on the plus side, look at what I did!


Now THIS is a satisfying part of quilting.

My Finger is Sore

Binding made – check

To ensure maximum effect of pattern matching, get bottle of washable school glue – check

Binding sewn to front of quilt – check

Realize a heavy hand with the glue bottle is a bad thing  – check

Decide to wash quilt in its present state – check

Block quilt, because hey it’s wet and needs blocking at some point – check


So, so worth it.


I’ve handsewn through three episodes worth of “Star Trek: Discovery” so far.