Another quilt, a new quilt

It started innocently enough, catching up on blog reading three weeks ago. I read Katrin’s post on all the bee blocks she had made this year to date.

Stash Bee January 2017 Hive 4 Block Puppilalla

From Katrin’s blog

I saw her block, made for Stephanie. That finished quilt is here.

Quilt n Party

Stephanie’s bee blocks in progress

I thought to myself, “I bet those are 2.5″ squares. I have a few of those kicking around. This looks really easy to sew. I need something easy and mindless. Maybe I’ll try this.”

Now we all know how much I love 2.5″ squares. When I sort them I do a CMYK colour wheel but I also sort low volume, grey, brown, beige, black tone on tone, black with colours, ditto for the whites, and MULTICOLOURED.

I also realized that if I made a block every day in August I would have a decent size quilt top.

So here we go…


First time sewing in the new house!


Using the multi-coloured squares and black with colours. Because for what other kind of quilt will these disparate fabrics play well together?

First four

First four blocks. Looks like a hot mess so far.


Therrrre’s the pattern.


I went through my fabrics and pulled all the”why do I have these and what was I thinking?” fabrics in beige.


FullSizeRender 2

And now I have a quilt top, with one whole week to spare. It’s a titch small, just 64″ square so I might add some borders.


Borders, backing, batting. I still have a week.

It has been a very long time since I’ve been able to say: linking up! Sew Fresh Quilts, and My Quilt InfatuationQuilting is more fun than housework, and Cooking up Quilts!


Polaroids revisited

Nothing beats piecing for straight up relaxing sewing (I think). I do love all the parts of making a quilt but piecing is pretty awesome. I blew seven weeks of dust off the box of polaroid blocks and started joining them together.


This ⬆︎ quickly turned into this ⬇︎


A quick layout to gaze upon the awesomeness.

Now to press the rows, cut and attach sashing strips. And backing! Must think about that soon too.