The Triumphant Return of the Xmas PJs

It was a little more last minute than I would have liked but all three* sets of jams were done before dinner on christmas eve.

And here at last I’m sharing a picture of my girls. It’s W on the left and B on the right, in their jams. Santa brought snorkel sets this year.


This is three or four years of nightshirts for F. He refused to model them for you. This year is the space invaders on the bottom of the pile.



* I only make christmas pjs for the kids and husband. Go here to see what happens when I make for myself.

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Day 473, or finished family pyjamas

Done! And before deadline too.




If you look verrrry closely you’ll see that his glow in the dark. Because I love choosing fabric like this for my husband.

B is 9.5 and loves owls; I found “grown up owl fabric, not babyish owl fabric.” I also did a KILLER job on lining up prints and patterns.




And mine. I’ve never included myself in the family christmas pj round up. But I thought it might be nice this year so I picked out these cute grumpy bears.


And cocked everything up. They came out a bit snug. Wearable, but not baggy. And I shortened the legs as I am short. But I messed that up and got capris instead. So: tight, flannel capris for winter time. Head*desk.

I added a nearly six inch extension to the legs to make them wearable for christmas day. I might trim them down and give them to B instead.


But this project is ta-done! I hope that wherever you are and whoever you’re with tonight that you have comfy pyjamas. Sleep well.

Day 470

What is wrong with this picture?


If you said “it’s not a quilt” you’re right. But you’re also right if you noticed that the pattern is on the right side of the fabric, which is the wrong side for cutting out garments. Quilting has spoilt me for garment sewing forever!

This week’s project: a family’s worth of pjs/nightgowns/pj pants. Pictured: sleeves and facings of nightgown, size 10.

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