Day 214

…the day Nicole tries on gardening as a hobby. We like our houseplants around here (5 in the kitchen, 2 in the grown-up bedroom, a tree in the shared kid bedroom, 8 in the living room, plus hall and bathroom). But we were one short in the living room and my MIL wanted her peace lily back (long story, don’t ask). And the saucers were at sixes and sevens…

…so I did an inventory this week. I usually confuse myself halfway through the list, trying to remember what’s what. This time I photographed each plant and noted whether or not it was fine as is. The ones that weren’t got a note about what was needed (bigger pot, swapped pots with another plant, new saucers, etc). And now you know what a huge nerd I am.

Today every plant is happy in the proper sized pot with an appropriate saucer. Now to not kill them with neglect.


China Doll plant. It’s a new one to us.

Sewing today? total fail.