Day 293

**Netta, you should skip this post**

For everyone else still reading, I did my June challenge for the Mighty Lucky Club. Led by Angela Walters, it was about adding writing to your quilt, both cursive and block printing.

I’ve had an idea rattling around my head for pretty much the past year. This is version I-can’t-even-remember-anymore and I’ll give you the short version here. Last year I turned 39 and it was tough! 39 kind of kicked my ass. I also spent a lot of time thinking about “turning 40 next year” and what THAT would mean. And I figured that if I’m lucky, I’m about halfway through my useful life. But 39 was tough.

First run through. Tension needs fixing.



I tried out the block printing in each line. By the end I felt like an actor rehearsing lines, trying out different emphases.

IMG_3456 copy

And the finale!


What did I learn from the challenge?

I loved adding writing. Composing an S on the fly under the needle is tough. My stitched cursive is better than my cursive on paper. Using a striped fabric helped keep my lines straight. Kids who can read should NOT be allowed to watch you do this project. I am awesome. 40 is so much better than 39.

This was on my list for the second quarter of the 2016 finish along.

Day 114

Ta-done! I finished the self-portrait in time to submit. And though it galls me, here it is:


NHannah_Get to Know Me_full

“Get to Know Me”, 2015, 20″ x 18″

The call for entries is here which explains the scope of the project.

I’ve enjoyed having a small project accomplished start to finish over the holidays.

Day 113

Working on the self-portrait tonight and now I’ve got two cubes appliquéd to my background with some stitch in the ditch throughout. Trying to figure out what sort of quilting I should do in the background. And if the binding should match and be subtle or if it should be really fucking loud.

And in sad news today, I put the rainbow log cabin quilt in a giant bag under my bed. That is where all the half-quilted quilts go to languish and this makes #4. Plus three tops waiting for their backs. I continue to be caught between Scylla and Charybdis; my lack of free motion quilting skills slows me down, and I do not have enough time to quilt my quilts and improve my skills.

I hope the classical reference is sufficient to forgive my earlier vulgarity. Pulling out all the big words tonight!

Day 112

Hand sewing the second bit for my self portrait attempt. Don’t worry, it’s all geometric shapes, so the hand sewing is easier.

Mr. Handwrought and I are watching our way through all of Firefly this holiday break so I like to have hand sewing on hand (see what I did there!?)

Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow, then figure out a background, then appliqué it, layering, quilting, and finishing it. It’s only due by the 31st.


I’m well past this stage but this gives you a vague idea of what I’m talking about.