Happy birthday to me*!

I met up with a quilty friend for tea this week and look what she gave me!


She isn’t going to use it and didn’t want to store it anymore.

Let me zoom in a little for you…


Yep, it’s a king size wool batting. Retail value: A LOT! Lucky, lucky me.


* It’s not actually my birthday.

Day 216

Well who’s a fancy quilt blogger with a secret project I can’t show anyone?

I did sew a bit today, joining up four blocks made by four different people into a project for a fifth person as a thank you. But between guild stuff, taxes, some other stuff, plus you know, LIFE, I won’t be getting this done this week. At least someone else is going to bind it for me! (Thanks Heather!)

And lucky me, I got to attend two different school field trips today. Go Jaguars!

**blergh. have found out people I KNOW are reading this damn thing. Now I’m all embarrassed and it’s throwing me off.**