Logic puzzles

Have you ever done one of those grid based logic puzzles? My quilts this month have been similar.

I had a quilt on display that sold. The buyer wanted it before Christmas, and I wanted to show that quilt at guild meeting yesterday. I needed to refill the empty space on the wall with a new quilt, but that is one I want to submit for Quiltcon and therefore need pictures before it’s put on display.

Somewhat artificial deadlines but the new quilt got finished, photographed, and displayed, the old quilt was shown at guild, and hopefully a buyer will be very happy.

My actual very favourite puzzles are sudoku. Haven’t done grid based puzzles since late elementary? early high? school.

Hannah_Nicole_Photo Album_Full

Goodbye Polaroid! Keep your new owners happy and warm.


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Unlocking higher levels,

or achieving proficiency.

I got to practice my hanging sleeve skills recently, and found that I didn’t need to consult my notes or an online tutorial.

  1. 9.5″ x width of quilt
  2. Fold the short edges over 1/2″. Fold that in again. Straight stitch. Fold in half widthwise WRONG sides together. Straight stitch.
  3. Iron it in that fancy way that lets you have slack in the tube. *I* know what I mean.
  4. Attach to back of quilt with handstitching, more than 1″ below top of quilt, and in a straight line. Try not to let your stitches show through on the front. Ripping those out suck. Ask me how I know!

Why did I need hanging sleeves anyway? I qualified to have work in a group show! It’s in the main lobby of the second largest public theatre in Victoria and the common thread is that we all work for the society that runs this theatre and its sister. (I work as a roadie sometimes, and have also done wardrobe and props show calls at the theatres.)

I missed the opening reception because I was not in the mood for public small talk with two kids in tow. But I took some pictures during the hang.

Here are 3/4 of my quilts. There are now prices and details signs as well as an artist bio.


The other quilt is the Polaroid quilt, which got a show stopping wall all to itself in a high traffic area.

If you’re local and want to see a lot of photography, collage, mosaics, embroidery, collage, painting, and my quilts then please stop by the MacPherson Playhouse* before January 6th.


*  #3 Centennial Square Victoria, BC V8W 1P5 – located on the corner of Government Street and Pandora Avenue during show times only, or by permission of the box office folks.