Not this year either…

My last post, of nearly two weeks ago, yikes!, was about my submissions for quiltcon. I had my results this morning and all four of my submissions have been rejected.

Oddly, I’m not crushed or devastated as I’ve been in years prior. It is what it is, and I have other quilts to make.

Thoughts About QuiltCon Submissions

In the past month I’ve been beavering away to finish not one! not two! but THREE quilts to submit for QuiltCon. It was pretty much just a reason to donate my money but also to finish some quilts.

I submitted four: one was finished last year, two were finished just for this deadline, and the last quilt was made specifically to submit. I’ll be surprised if any are accepted but I still hope that one day, (shakes fist at sky and Quiltcon jurors), I’ll have a quilt juried in.

I worry that none of them will be good enough, so I don’t want to tell you which ones I submitted. What if you all think “pfff, how can Nicole think those are modern!”? So I hide.

While I wait with bated breath for the verdict I’ve done some tidying up, a fabric pull but no plan for a baby quilt, and a pull and a plan for another new quilt.

Utterly unrelated to any of this except that it too is a quilt:


I quilted this in addition to everything else in November for a new/old friend. 90″x99″, diagonal lines and the thread matched each colour. I lost count of how many thread changes I did but wow, was it worth it.

Fancy Fox Leaves the Forest for the Quilt Show, a finished quilt

In summer 2016 the Vancouver MQG had a showcase of modern quilts. I was keen to go so I hopped on the ferry and went. I’ve been to a few of their meetings and the social media world is small so I kinda-sorta know some of their members.

While I was chatting with Janet (blog and IG) and Paula about the show I looked up and saw a fancy fox peeking out between the quilts. I snapped a pic and had an absolute blast recreating the picture as my own quilt.


I made up a little story about this handsome fox:

Fancy Fox adjusted his glasses again. He was nervous about leaving the forest for the quilt show but today, today he was hoping to meet a fancy lady fox.

Here is the picture I took.


Quilt from left to right:

back of Sink or Swim, Jade Prosser @stitchmischief

Harmony (top), Pinks (bottom), both Joan Elliot

Fancy Fox, Linda Morrison @lindyroselou

Aritzia, Arita Ray @arquilters

Modern Orange Improv, Dianne Semark @diannesmark

Conversation was with Paula B @trudysperson and Janet Archibald @whatnextjanet.

Fancy Fox pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

“Improv Under the Influence” technique by Krista Hennebury

Each of the little quilts had binding and was quilted like the original quilt; except for the aqua one on the left as I didn’t want to do such dense spirals so close to the edge. The entire quilt top was made from my scraps and the back came from stash.



Quilt Stats:

Title: Fancy Fox Leaves the Forest for the Quilt Show

Lifetime quilt no.61

Started: November 11, 2016

Finished: November 30, 2016

Size: 40″ x 33″

Number of pieces: lots and lots

Quilting: varied free motion designs

**This quilt is also a #quiltconreject but I love it and it makes me laugh. If you love it too and want to keep it, it is for sale.

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Linking up too with the 2016 Q4 Finish Along! This quilt was on my proposed finishes list. 

Day 449

I have never checked the hourly weather report more diligently than I did today. I had a narrow window of “sunny with some clouds” to photograph my quilts but it all worked out. Pics taken, tweaked, resized, and submitted. Quiltcon 2017 here I come! Hopefully. I’m sure thousands of others are hoping the same thing tonight.

Funny thing about today, even though I was an absolute boss yesterday, today I was…meh. Fewer things to do with more time to do it all and instead of getting it done, I slowed down. Can you believe the stupidity of the human mind?

However. I finished my quilt that I made especially to submit. I’ll share that on Friday. I’m proud of the three quilts I submitted. The “artist statement” blather no longer bothers me. I suppose that’s some progress as a human being.