Day 225

Or the day I hexied my butt off. Oof!


I need to decide if I want to quilt more lines in the four corners or leave it as is. But invisible thread for the win!

And tomorrow I have to trim it, make the binding, apply the binding, sort out a label and hanging sleeve, prep for the guild meeting tomorrow night, cut 35 2.5″ charms for Tami, AND pretend to be interested in my third grader’s “student led conference” tomorrow afternoon because it’s only a half-day of school!


Day 215

Oh joy, oh bliss! Mr. Handwrought took the kids to visit his folks for a bit this morning and *I* got to quilt!

And again this afternoon! And it’s not even my birthday!! I got the entire floral border and both the grey-with-squares borders quilted.
I did go with some geometric shapes in the flower border. I sketched out both this and a loopy chrysanthemum-type flower and much preferred the geometrics. I filled in the sides of the diamonds with a loopy back and forth.
Now what to do in the fabulous orange and pink dotted border? Pebbles? Baptist fans? It’s a 1.5″ border and the bright pink is .5″

Day 213

So the caveat to the “buy only what you’re going to use” yesterday is this: In 2005 I was on a dance tour* to Nelson, BC and bought my first ever fat quarters. I bought two and I have one and a bit left. I still LOVE this fabric. LOVE.

centre detail copy

But today! I want to do a good job of quilting the blue/orange plus quilt so I will “practice” a bit on another unquilted quilt. This one got the short straw:


I am open to suggestions of all kinds! Except maybe my husband’s, he thinks the large flowery border needs something really geometric. I’m not convinced yet.

More compelling reasons to get shit quilted is that I have a list as long as my arm of quilts I want to make, 14 quilts actually in progress, and 7! SEVEN! of those are stuck at the quilting stage. Since I’m not well off enough to pay a long-armer, I had better get some quilting skillz.

*If you were curious, I am not a dancer though I was on a dance tour.

Day 155

Something struck me tonight and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. I used to bookmark tutorials or quilt patterns that I was interested in making one day. There are probably over two hundred bookmarks in that folder. But it’s been ages since I added to it. Really ages. So…why?

I think my quilt style has changed; I do way more improv and I make up patterns myself. I don’t follow tutorials and I rarely use purchased patterns/patterns from books. So that’s probably it.

Or maybe I’m more realistic about actually starting, let alone finishing one of those projects. That’s probably it too.

::time lapse::

I just checked out half a dozen links:  three were totally dead, one was “yeesh, what was I thinking when I bookmarked that one?!?”, another was “meh”, and then I got a good one!


I would still make this one I think. I’ll add that bookmark to a new folder, one called “I really mean it this time”.

Image swiped from My Poppet Makes