Thoughts About QuiltCon Submissions

In the past month I’ve been beavering away to finish not one! not two! but THREE quilts to submit for QuiltCon. It was pretty much just a reason to donate my money but also to finish some quilts.

I submitted four: one was finished last year, two were finished just for this deadline, and the last quilt was made specifically to submit. I’ll be surprised if any are accepted but I still hope that one day, (shakes fist at sky and Quiltcon jurors), I’ll have a quilt juried in.

I worry that none of them will be good enough, so I don’t want to tell you which ones I submitted. What if you all think “pfff, how can Nicole think those are modern!”? So I hide.

While I wait with bated breath for the verdict I’ve done some tidying up, a fabric pull but no plan for a baby quilt, and a pull and a plan for another new quilt.

Utterly unrelated to any of this except that it too is a quilt:


I quilted this in addition to everything else in November for a new/old friend. 90″x99″, diagonal lines and the thread matched each colour. I lost count of how many thread changes I did but wow, was it worth it.

How to quilt a pantograph pattern using your domestic machine in only three easy steps!


1. Layout your quilt to measure for binding. IMG_4414.JPG

2. Notice your tension on one row of quilting is horrible on the back. (Not pictured.)

3. Stitch rip entire row of quilting, and a bit of the next row too.

4. Take quilt to your domestic machine. Make sure hopping foot is installed.

5. Following the little dots from where you ripped out your stitches, stitch the pantograph pattern again. Be sure to stitch on, near, close to, or in the general vicinity of the lines from before.


6. Layout quilt for binding. Proceed as normal.

And if you noticed that’s more than three steps, well done. One last step not previously listed: lots of swearing.

Day 225

Or the day I hexied my butt off. Oof!


I need to decide if I want to quilt more lines in the four corners or leave it as is. But invisible thread for the win!

And tomorrow I have to trim it, make the binding, apply the binding, sort out a label and hanging sleeve, prep for the guild meeting tomorrow night, cut 35 2.5″ charms for Tami, AND pretend to be interested in my third grader’s “student led conference” tomorrow afternoon because it’s only a half-day of school!

Day 215

Oh joy, oh bliss! Mr. Handwrought took the kids to visit his folks for a bit this morning and *I* got to quilt!

And again this afternoon! And it’s not even my birthday!! I got the entire floral border and both the grey-with-squares borders quilted.
I did go with some geometric shapes in the flower border. I sketched out both this and a loopy chrysanthemum-type flower and much preferred the geometrics. I filled in the sides of the diamonds with a loopy back and forth.
Now what to do in the fabulous orange and pink dotted border? Pebbles? Baptist fans? It’s a 1.5″ border and the bright pink is .5″