I went to Quilt Canada 2018

in Vancouver* last week and it was pretty awesome.

It was the largest quilt show I’ve been to and the first quilt conference. Closely entwined with the quilt show however, this was the longest time I’ve been away from my family in the approximately eleventy-million years I’ve had kids. Yes really, four days and four nights. Eleven years. (You can throw me a pity party later, or just send sympathy fabric instead!) That was an equally awesome part of my trip.

But quilts is why you’re here. I went to or saw the:

  • awards night, which had bad lighting which made it hard to see the slides of the quilt winners so I would give that a C
  • the National Juried Show (NJS) which had a somewhat cramped but still decent layout, a quite high quality of quilts, but not enough quilts (only 151!) B



My very favourite from the NJS.

  • vendors, many many many vendors, which were fun to look at but since I wasn’t actually shopping kind of pointless for me B
  • demos!
    • the Hobbs batting demo by Stephanie Hackney was informative and pretty great. That woman spends a LOT of her life talking about batting and knows so much about it. B+
    • I also went to a demo about needle size, tension, and thread; again very informative and Anita Zobens from Cotton Mill Thread works/Superior Thread was knowledgable AND funny so A for this one.
  • The best of Quilt Con Modern Quilt Guild exhibit A- 
  • IMG_4651IMG_4652

My very favourite from the modern exhibit.

  • all the concurrent quilt shows:
    • kids challenge, fabric challenge, best of your local quilt guild show rosette winner (OMG kill me before I see one more damn paper-pieced Judith Niemeyer pattern), Vancouver Quilt Guild, Inuvik Quilt Guild, Fibre Arts Network exhibit, some sort of art? exhibit from Taiwan, and probably one more I forgot. There were a few great quilts in here but a lot of things not to my taste. C- to B-
  • last but not least, my learn about quilt judging workshop. The two instructors were great and one of my classmates was actually one of the judges of the NJS so she contributed a few things to round out what the instructors were teaching. That was an exciting day and affirmed for me that I will pursue my certification as a quilt judge. A

Non-quilt trip highlights: finishing a book in three days (just like the olden days)!, running into an old friend on the skytrain!, getting together with another old friend and catching up on our life implosions and recoveries, hanging out with my adorable nieces, staying up way too late with my sister, NOT cooking dinner for four nights, eating a “toasted brie, walnut, and grape baguette” sandwich from my favourite lunch place in the world, going to Dressew not once, not twice, but THREE times and chatting with the owner’s son and daughter-in-law for a while. A+++ for all this

You can see more pictures from my trip here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

And HUGE thanks to my husband who took vacation days to be a stay at home dad so that I could go.


* Not sure if you know this but I lived in Vancouver from 2001-2009, and briefly again from Dec 2010 – March 2011. So I always enjoy visiting again.