Day 260

And we’re back! I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend. What’s been going on around here? Besides a friend’s wedding, a father-in-law’s 80th birthday and associated cake making, the Highland Games, a butt-numbing three hour parade, an awesome guild meeting, some sewing (oh blessed sewing, how I love you, how I’ve missed you), track meets, field trips, and oh I don’t know laundry and groceries too…

  • I made some blocks to send to the Ottawa MQG for Fort McMurray.
  • I’m still on a polaroid block kick. I’m up to 36 so far. That would be 9 tickets in the draw at the guild meeting but what happens if I don’t win? I would be so very bummed so I’m thinking of not sharing mine, just making loads and loads for myself.
  • I hand-sewed the binding on a quilt during the parade. #publicactsofquilting
  • I bought some fabric for the border on a group quilt.
  • I finished a quilt! That will get its own moment in the sun later this week.
  • I’m getting going on my May mighty lucky challenge. I started strong with these monthly projects and then I slid. Slid right into “not doing them.” So that needs improving.

So that is my recent life in a nut shell tidy blog post. Hope you are all well!


My favourite default picture.

Day 254

Guild meeting tonight so lots of prep for that. Did get my maple leaf blocks sewn for Fort MacMurry though. It is so great sewing together bits that are exactly the right size. I will always and forever trim my HSTs before sewing them together.


Day 253

Lots of fabric today…a couple more polaroid blocks and I started six blocks for #quiltsforfortmac. That effort is being co-ordinated by the Ottawa MQG and Stacey at SloStudio.


They’ve asked for red, blue, green, yellow, and white, all colours from the Alberta flag.


Trimmed everything up tonight.

I am loving SO MUCH this use your stash business I’ve been trying this year. I highly recommend it.

And the mailman brought me FOUR envelopes today from the facebook mini-charm swap. Lynn F from Ontario bless your generous heart! She sent me 77 squares instead of the usual 50. I’ve received 17/29 envelopes so far and only four people have sent duplicates. So that’s much better as well. I am looking forward to the end of the month when I combine all the squares. And to using them in a quilt. That too.

So all in all, a very fabric-filled, generally happy day. Here’s to many more!