Day 24

Oh wow, it’s done! And it’s Friday so I am going to do my first ever LINKUP with Amanda Jean!!

Rainbow Animals is bound and ready for a trip through the wash and dryer to get it perfect.

Don’t have a picture yet though – really did just finish it ten minutes ago. Ta-done!!

Edited to add this!

Rainbow Animals

Day 21

Feels like back on track again. Chose, made, and attached the binding for the rainbow animals quilt. I dug out a piece from stash that I had bought a few years ago. At the time I thought it might be good as a binding for that other fabric I’ve got…. and it was!

I only bought .35 (what an odd amount!) and it was exactly enough. And perfect too, both colour and style-wise. So the binding is attached and I remembered to leave a bit extra of the batting and backing to fill out the binding. I think I’ll hand sew this one, mostly because I’ll need another hand project for tv watching and boring meetings.

Day 20

Finished the last corner on my big stitch hand work project. I think I want to fill in the centre bits, but I’m debating moving down to floss so that it wouldn’t be as thick. Still deciding about that. Whatever size I use I will just be doing a random fill stitch, much like what Tim Latimer does on his whole cloth quilts.

Haven’t chosen binding yet for the rainbow animal quilt. Or trimmed it. Today was kind of a crap day anyway.

Day 19

I crammed some sewing in today, almost last minute but not quite. Let’s just say dinner was a bit late tonight. I sewed all the verticals on the rainbow animal quilt, and that leftover 40wt variegated worked beautifully. Marked and stitched all the horizontals after kid bedtime so now I can officially say Ta-Done!! (That’s like ta-da, only MUCH more satisfying).

Tomorrow I will trim it and choose some binding. I have a few potentials in mind I think.

I’d like to sell this one so I’ll look at both the commission fees at my LQS and what an Etsy set up would entail. A new blog AND and Etsy store in less than one month!? We shall see….

Hooray for finishes!