Day 631

I didn’t get my quilt done in four days. I’ve been grumpy and out of sorts for a while which usually means no sewing. I’m feeling better (my family is sooo relieved) but now I’m exhausted.

I did iron the fabrics from my beautiful pull.


I have to decide if I want to make this quilt anyway. I tend to get stuck on starting a project that has no definite pattern. I psych myself out about starting.

The only reason I haven’t been really terribly grumpy is that I was able to do some longarming this week. My friend Sarah gave me a quilt top to practice on.


That’s Sarah, not me.

She won all the blocks way back at the February 2014 guild meeting (tutorial here.) I decided that this would be a good quilt for ruler practice.


How to hold a ruler, where to hold a ruler (and where not to!), continuous path, stitch ripping (of course), and how to make up your damn mind. All good things to learn.

Ruler Sorting

Last week I was fed up with my ruler storage being cluttered (see below) so I pulled it all out and had a look at what was lurking about.


Welcome to ruler land!

Laid out flat this is what I had stuffed in that little area.


  • A – 6×12, off brand, paid <5$ a long time ago. Use it all the time.
  • B – 6×6, Olfa. Don’t use it now that I have a 6.5×6.5
  • C – 6.5×6.5. See above.
  • D – small Kaleidoruler. It was free. I’ve never used it.
  • E – large Kaleidoruler. Ditto.
  • F – British History Ruler. List of kings and queens of Britain on one side, metric and imperial on the reverse. Don’t use it in quilting.
  • G – Great Women Rulers of Science. Ditto.
  • H – fancy deckle edge paper tearing ruler someone gave me. Definitely don’t use it in quilting.
  • I – my scale rule. Birthday present from my sister when I was 17 and she was 14. I never did become an architect but I used this all through theatre school. It has my maiden name scratched on it.
  • J – flexible curve ruler. Fun for amusing children. Also good for clothing making. Christmas present from my family 2014.
  • K – 30cm plastic ruler, no idea where this came from. Will send it to school with a kid in Sept.
  • L – 12″ metal with cork back ruler, just appeared one day
  • M – 18″ metal with cork back ruler
  • N – 18″x2″ flexible dressmaker’s ruler. I use this one ALL.THE.TIME.
  • O – 18″x2″ flexible dressmaker’s ruler. I bought this one for costuming class in 1997. The giant white splodge on it is a sticker from my travels in Europe in 1999. I haven’t used this one since I bought the previous ruler a while ago.
  • P – Circle template. Really useful when tracing tiny circles. Plates and bowls work for large circles. String and pencil for really big circles.
  • Q + R – 14″ right angle triangles (30/60° and 45°). Drafting class, 1998. I saved up for these giant ones. Keeping them out of sentimentality. They were expensive!
  • S – mini cutting mat. Much handier to access than the giant mat when just one thing needs cutting. But not heat resistant it turns out!
  • unlabelled at top – the cardboard from my rotating cutting mat. WHY did I save this?

What a lot of unnecessary stuff. Here is what I’ve decided to keep in my little area. And now that it’s been a few days and I’m looking at this picture I’ll get rid of both the Kaleidorulers and the giant triangles as well. The circle template and two of the 12″ rulers got put elsewhere.


June 13, 1999. A Tesco store in Prague. Golden Delicious apples.


They were delicious.