Day 28

Dug out the whole “first quilt” sampler to calculate backing. Way back when I started this in 2007, I got smart and bought all the fabric I needed to finish it. (It’s like I sort of knew this would take a long time.)

Which means I bought 7m of a backing I now dislike. It matches the front of course but sheesh….I am so glad my taste has changed. So I’m not doing the originally planned “whole cloth” backing with a centre seam. I’m cobbling together a few bits to maximize the use of scraps. Yay for modern pieced backings!

And now I have 2.4m left over. It’s 3 Sisters, Shangri-La, by Moda. Any takers?

Not my favourite anymore


Day 23

Well more binding is stitched, so yay for that.

Been thinking all day about “my first quilt”, planning the backing for it, then thinking about the quilting. It’s a sampler quilt so I’ll keep to the sampler theme and do lots of different FMQ patterns. As my longest standing WIP it will be good to have it done even though I don’t need or particularly want this one anymore. DON’T GIVE UP YET OR I’LL NEVER GET IT DONE. It’s probably close to eight years that I started the darn thing.

Wow – eight years of quilting!!! Yay me!