Sashing, an update

Tonight I had some mellow time while students pieced their pieces together so I pressed allllll the sashing strips for my Polaroid blocks.

In advance of pressing them, I finished sewing them this afternoon.



Sorted into colour piles. 


Except the foxes. They got their own pile. Trends in fabric anyone?

Squee! This is my first look at what the whole thing will look like when done.

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Polaroids, now with more iron!

Finished the shadow sashing on all the polaroids today. Cut the sashing needed for the left side of each block. Scrap quilting is lots of fun but you don’t get to cut yardage the same way.

Doubled layers of fabric. Four WOF strips. 28 subcuts per strip. 224 pieces. Done so fast.


Kona Iron, all cut up


It’s so tidy, I can’t wait to sew!


Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts and My Quilt Infatuation.

Return of the polaroids

What with teaching folks about quilting I’ve been itching to cut new fabric and do lots of piecing but I didn’t realllly want to start another project. Instead I settled for sashing my polaroid blocks. Since it’s been ages, go check out the history of this project.

Sub-cutting for the win!img_4159

From a WOF I can get 44 tiny little matchsticks as I think of them.


Incredibly the math works nearly perfectly! My quilt is 14×16 blocks which totals 224 blocks. Divided by 44 and I get 5 with a remainder of 4. So I need to do five WOF strips (and a few extras).




40% done so far!

Day 186

Oh day of epic-ness and productivity!

Did the layout:


First time I’ve seen all the blocks together.

Laid out the oranges – a few not in the shot.


And ta-da!


All the white dots are sticky labels since I don’t want to mix up the different colours in the pluses.

The only hiccup was when I had to pack it all up for kids getting home, dinner and things was that I stacked the sashing in columns and the blocks in rows. Blergh. I had attached 11 before realizing I was an incompetent buffoon (the highest insult you can get in our family). Back under way though!