In my last post I was all “look at me, look at the fabric I made, I’m so awesome, here’s my block.”


And then I remembered the lesson of measure twice, cut once.


I forgot I had to cut the cool fabric vertically instead of horizontally! Good thing I had so much more cool than warm. I was able to cut enough blocks from the “leftovers” and I only had to piece together a couple of blocks. Pretty easy to do with a quilt pattern like this. I also decided that I didn’t need to make a 96″x96″ quilt. Yeah, I had enough fabric for one that big.

My past two weeks have been a joyous time, rough cutting rectangles diagonally, piecing them, and trimming up. Here is my quilt, all 72″x96″. I’ve even found a backing for it. Now I need to quilt it and give it a name. I’m looking for suggestions for both.


W. offered up this gem a couple of days ago which pleased me to no end: “wow, there’s blue diamonds in there too! Did you do that on purpose?” Yes small child, I did.

There are likely ads below. I’m not a fan, but what can you do?

End of it, finally

About a month ago I started sewing strips and strings together, with a rough plan in mind. I’m pleased that as of yesterday I’ve *finally* finished this task I set myself.

I created 3.55m of warm colours, and 5.6m of cool colours. WOF is 42″-45″. This is pretty heavy fabric with so much thread and seam allowances.


K, I know it’s kind of a weird picture and really hard to stage beautifully. So eff it. This is stretched out across my house.

Here is what I have in mind to make using these string sheets. I do want to work my way through Sherri Lynn Wood’s improv book to stretch myself. I like precision, and patterns, and I tend to work small-ish. For this I’m cutting with scissors and working large.


Made a sample block to test it out. This will measure ~16″x24″ once sewn. I like it a lot.

April Update

April has been kicking my butt pretty hard, which I knew it would, but still. And there’s another 10 days yet, including an extremely high stakes, very emotional event to survive.

I did some much needed therapeutic sewing this week. I used to sort strings and strips by length but turns out that’s a bit goofy. I’ve changed it now to be Warms/Cools/Darks/Low volumes.

I’ve wanted to do a string quilt for a while now. On our small trip away last month I read all of Sherri Lynn Wood’s “Improv Handbook for the Modern Quilter” and am going to work through it, making as many of the scores as I can.

Making fabric for a string quilt seemed mindless enough for now. Sewing is good, and writing is too.

Scrap swappin’

A while back Janice from Color, Creating and Quilting and one of my fellow 2016 New Quilt Blogger blog hop peeps put out a call for bright coloured prints with a very dark background. So I went through my scraps, strings, strips, and yardage and mailed her off a bunch.

She asked what I wanted in return so of course I said 2.5″ squares! And/or low volume 5″ squares. She sent me both!


And reused my envelope, which I loved.

You can see here what Janice is doing with her fabrics. Thanks for boosting my stash Janice!