Day 279

Today I finished all the polaroid blocks I am going to make. I cut into pretty much every piece of fabric I could, and here is the final tally:

That is 207 blocks. Thirty-six of them are duplicates and I will put those in the block lotto at the guild meeting on Thursday to see if I win. Even if I don’t win I think I have enough 😉

The right hand picture is all the squares I cut from my stash. Since this year is the year of the stash, everything is game to be used. And since I don’t generally have large pieces of fabric, everything is a scrap. Even most of the white was scraps!

The top left picture is blocks made with fabric I got in May from the birthday charm swap.

The bottom left picture is fabric from my friend Linda. A few weeks ago she let me paw through the scraps in her shop and gifted them to me for my birthday. Those blocks are extra poignant as Linda, my good friend, my quilt mentor, my patron died unexpectedly last week. She will be missed so much.

A Catch-Up Post

So way back at the end of November I splurged and used some inheritance money to go south for a workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Hosted by the fabulous modern quilt guild of Bainbridge Island I had a great time. For the workshop I had had an idea to reduce the amount of blue fabrics I have.

I used to have four clear plastic shoe boxes of fabrics (all the small bits, <.5m) for all my colours. Yes, all my bits of fabric fit in four boxes. (There are two medium rubbermaids of yardage/big pieces in the garage).  And then I added a clear plastic boot box (just slightly bigger than the shoe box) for the solids. And same again for blacks/whites/greys. And scraps too. But all the colours were still in those four bins.

  1. Purple/green/brown.
  2. Yellow/Orange/Pink/Red.
  3. Low volume/mulitcoloured prints.
  4. Blue.

I had too many blues.

So I decided to use only blue fabrics for my 15 minute improv workshop. I have a pattern in mind to use these for, so there is a destination in mind.


As of today, I have 68 of 88 blocks done. And the blues still overflow one damn bin.

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