Day 921

I believe it’s world wide quilting day today.

But it’s been a tough week, in a tough month. So I didn’t sew today.


I did change my needle a few days ago. Then I thought I’d brush out some lint. And since I was brushing out some lint, I just stripped it all down and cleaned it all up. Ready for when I do sew.

I can’t wait.

Sunday Stash-ish

I’ve had this quarter-inch foot for so long I can’t remember where I bought it or when. Considering I keep track of all the quilting related things that tells you it was certainly a long time ago.


My quarter-inch is a tad, shall we say, generous? I know it’s hefty but since I’m only sewing for me and since it’s consistent, a generous quarter-inch has never mattered.

But I’ve grown tired of my hefty quarter-inch and since I had a very precise project to work on recently, I splurged (<22$) and bought the quarter-inch foot that has training wheels.


This bad boy keeps me on the straight and narrow. The black thing on the right literally prevents fabric from going past it; ergo I never sew more than a quarter-inch!

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With heavy heart…

I’m playing along with the Amy’s Creative Side Instagram Quilt Fest (where it’s only day three and I feel like I’ve totally overshared with randos online, HELLO there! but it’s still fun.) If you look at my post today you can hear me narrate a tour of my sewing room.

Yesterday’s prompt was “your partner in crime” aka your sewing machine.


I wrote: “This is my partner in crime. She’s a mid-60s Husqvarna (a decade older than me), all metal, heavy beast of a machine. She’s been my one and only since 2001 when I bought her for less than 100$. I’m the third owner. I’ve made 63 quilts and counting on her! She needs some spa time soon as something has suddenly become NOT RIGHT. Fingers crossed it’s fixable!”

This morning I traded that for this:


We know it’s not the foot pedal, which would have been cheap(ish) and fast to fix. We’re looking at motor troubles which might be unfixable or not worth fixing.

So this afternoon, to distract me from my sorrows I pulled this beauty out:


This is a 1945 Singer Featherweight 221 from Elizabethtown, New Jersey. She came home with me on March 15, 2013 and I bought her for 44.79$ at my local Value Village (thank you spreadsheet). Today was the first time I’ve used her (I am embarrassed it took so long…)

I got a few more polaroid blocks sashed though.