I overcame

My last post was kind of grumpy about my current quilt in progress, which hasn’t featured heavily here before. This year I’m working my way through the “Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters” by Sherri Lynn Wood. (Click the link to see the previous posts about these quilts.)


Here was my sticking point. I eventually realized a lot of the squares and rectangles were too big so I grabbed my big girl scissors and cut them up. And suddenly everything started working!


I also committed most of a day to plugging away at it.


Here is my finished top! I’m considering not trimming it square… we’ll see.

On a different day I made a backing too. I’m generally not a fan of “use the leftovers to make the backing” but somehow it felt right to do it on this quilt. This used all the rest of the yukata cottons. The pale grey is leftover from a previous backing.


I doubt anyone but me will notice but the bottom strip of white/indigo fabrics are the only time I oriented them horizontally. I used a vertical orientation everywhere else as a design constriction.

So yay, finally done. All ready to be quilted, and ready for the next improv score!

I am so completely blocked on my current quilt the frustration is contagious and other parts of my life are getting grumpy. I want to sew but won’t let myself start other projects. Grrr.


Here’s where it was most recently. I’m sure I’m just totally over-thinking all of it, and that it’s better than I fear.

We’ll see if I can convince myself about that.

In other news, this summer I scored some 9m of fabric for future backings for <20$!


My husband also found me a massive Olfa cutting mat for 4$ at a garage sale. It’s in better condition than mine so that’s a definite win!

This weekend I made two pathfinder sashes and one guide sash for a few girl guides I know. Did you know that Canadian army officers used to have their own personal tailors make their uniforms? Yes I make the sashes because it is so much cheaper that way.

I also bartered with my SIL to re-line her favourite winter coat in exchange for a photoshoot. Today I found the most lovely red heavy weight stretch bridal satin to use. This is a fiddly project but one I don’t mind doing.

And here’s how I spent the day before school started:


The big two are mine, the little ones are my nieces.

I always feel like the beginning of the school year is the new year, so happy new year everyone! And happy fourth blog anniversary to me. Thanks for being here.






Wow, what a month!

It’s been a busy and fulfilling, also crazy bonkers, few weeks.

There was the end of Brownies: All the random activities my co-leader and I kinda pulled out of our heads and off the internet since January actually translated into some badges! We were surprised, and utterly pleased with ourselves.


We made some hat traders as year-end gifts for the girls.


School ends tomorrow. Both my girls had great teachers this year but especially W. She wanted to make something for her teacher so I suggested a pillow. The favourite colour is pink and the favourite animal is a moose, so here you have a pink moose pillow.


The glamour shot.


The flat shot. All fabrics chosen by W, laid out and assembled by her. (I did the rows, border, and appliqué.)


A close up of the appliqué because I frickin hate appliqué like this but I think I kinda rocked it.

And in my personal sewing journey, I finished my improv string quilt. I used the leftovers to make this quilt:


The setting squares and background fabrics are both from stash. Quilt measures 53×72. Pattern is the “June Quilt Along Quilt” from Crazy Mom Quilts.

I also started my next quilt in my Sherri Lynn Woods Improv project. This one is the “floating Squares” score. I’m using long hoarded yukata cottons from Okan Arts.


Work continues to be stupid busy mixed with corporate bs, so that’s nuts too.

Canada Day is Monday which is the real start of my summer. Here’s to a good one!


In my last post I was all “look at me, look at the fabric I made, I’m so awesome, here’s my block.”


And then I remembered the lesson of measure twice, cut once.


I forgot I had to cut the cool fabric vertically instead of horizontally! Good thing I had so much more cool than warm. I was able to cut enough blocks from the “leftovers” and I only had to piece together a couple of blocks. Pretty easy to do with a quilt pattern like this. I also decided that I didn’t need to make a 96″x96″ quilt. Yeah, I had enough fabric for one that big.

My past two weeks have been a joyous time, rough cutting rectangles diagonally, piecing them, and trimming up. Here is my quilt, all 72″x96″. I’ve even found a backing for it. Now I need to quilt it and give it a name. I’m looking for suggestions for both.


W. offered up this gem a couple of days ago which pleased me to no end: “wow, there’s blue diamonds in there too! Did you do that on purpose?” Yes small child, I did.

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