Tidy-up time

The fun thing (or one of the fun things) about teaching is you can check the store’s scrap basket every week. So I’ve had a few weeks of scraps building up, as well as yardage for binding several quilts, and leftovers from ahem, several projects going back a few months. So I did a sort and tidy this afternoon and feel better for it.

I know the online world is all “pictures or it didn’t happen” but I just didn’t take any. Picture a random but sort of tidy pile of scraps. Got it? Yes! That’s exactly what it looked like!

It was very gratifying to finally nail down what I keep/sort and how I sort it:

  • selvedges (not that I’ve ever used them but it’s JUST IN CASE)
  • strings/strips (ditto, but I have plans)
  • tiny scraps, less than 2.5″ square which I will probably stop saving and will send to someone if you are interested
  • 2.5″ squares (LOVE these so much!)
  • small-ish scraps (generally around 5″ square or smaller but bigger than everything mentioned up to now)
  • FQ or less than FQ but bigger than the small-ish scraps
  • bigger than FQ is “yardage”

Tomorrow I get to go to a quilt show (yay!) but I have to take my kids (boo¡). They are great but they do not love quilt shows. I have my bribes ready:


One piece at the end of every row. Two if they behaved nicely. I have no shame.


Day 511

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since I last sewed.* And therefore my brain is being screwy. Sure, there’s been fabric. And tidying, and planning.

Right now I’m caught up in a perfection loop: I want something…


…this thing, this wondrous idea to be perfect, but I don’t work on it because what if I get it wrong? So I don’t try and therefore I’m stuck. And I’m not working on other things because I’m busy and lazy and tired. Hmphf.

So! Here’s the plan. I will sew, and I will feel better, and then I’ll show you, and we can all have fun together right?

All right then, see you soon. With something to show for myself.


*Not Catholic, never done confession. If you are and I’ve upset you, I’m sorry. Email me and we’ll chat.