Day 289

Some asked yesterday if this is my own design and it’s not! Don’t want to steal any credit from the fabulous Kaffe Fassett. It’s his rice bowls pattern from several of his books.

I fixed, or tried to fix that cock-eyed bowl block from yesterday (the red one). I restitched the blue/grey to the red part, and then appliquéd it down. Then noticed it’s still a little off. It’s close enough for jazz I think, and done is better than perfect in this case.


Which brings me to weird state of being now. I will have to review my current projects and see which ones are do-able under the current circumstances. School got out today (“school’s…out…for…summer!”) but that means ten and a half weeks of very intense family time. As an introvert that’s hard. I will have to figure out what project I want to work on next.

Day 288

If you are here for the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, that post is the next one down. 

2016 Advice and Tech Helpfor New Quilt Bloggers (1)

I eased back into sewing/quilt land today, choosing backgrounds for my souperbowl blocks. These are blocks #2 and 3. You can see my first block down in the corner.


I appliquéd the bottom bowl (recognize the leftover Michael Miller challenge fabric from summer 2014?) tonight. I was going to do the top bowl as well but it looks like I messed up when I sewed it together. That one is skew-whiff!

Day 284

It’s not that things have been totally out of whack but equilibrium has been hard to maintain this past week. That makes routines (sewing frequently, updating this blog, doing laundry) falter. Throw an emotional upset in there as well and, well, oof!

But. Brownies is done. Softball is done. Preschool is done. Guild meeting (for this month at least) is done. Laundry is being processed as I write this.

Sewing: finished my two bowls tonight. Yay! Need to make the backgrounds then appliqué the bowls to the backgrounds. Look at my last post for a picture of what those look like.

Blogging: this post is done. Still need to prep for my stop on the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop hosted by: Stephanie @LateNightQuilter, Yvonne @QuiltingJetgirl, and Cheryl @MeadowMistDesigns. I’m in Stephanie’s “hive;” our group is called “Hive Society.” There’s more info over here if you want.

2016 Advice and Tech Helpfor New Quilt Bloggers (1)

What that means is on Monday you will learn A LOT about me if I don’t die of embarrassment first. And all fourteen of you loyal readers (thanks btw!) will have some new visitors checking me out. We’ll see how that goes. And there’s prizes to be won as well.

Day 281

Oof. Year end is so…busy. I don’t know how people make a present for every coach, teacher, aide, brownie leader, etc. Do those people start at Christmas? I’m doing a card and that’s about as much as I can handle.

Yesterday I did some hand sewing, sewing the shadows for a couple more blocks for the souper bowl quilt.


Today was five minutes of functional sewing, repairing my husband’s bicycle safety anklets. He wore out the hook side of the velcro if you can believe that!