Day QuiltCon deadline -2

Started joining all my very disparate bits together today. Partial seams are dead easy, once you know what needs to go where. The layered effect I’m trying to achieve is making my brain hurt though.

I went through my Lifetime Quilts spreadsheet (No. 61 is in progress right now!) to see what I’ve made that might fit for QuiltCon submissions. I have four potentials which would cost 60$ US or 80$ CDN to submit. Or I cut one and that would only be 40$ CDN.

But if I don’t stop typing and get back to sewing this one won’t be done and the decision will be made for me.

Day 295

The tidying up bug has been hanging around for the past couple of days. Last night I spent a very pleasurable hour putting books on hold at the library and updating my books spreadsheet. (What? Like it’s a surprise that I have one for books too.)

This morning I dug out my summer clothes and culled, sorted, and organized. This afternoon I reviewed my 2nd Quarter list for the 2016 finish a-long. I have 2 out of 6 done and have eight days to finish another. We’ll see about that.

I also noticed that 7 of my quilts in progress are stuck at the quilting stage. That’s half my list! Geez, I should get rich and pay someone to quilt for me. Or get a long arm.

Day 227

Nerd alert! You have been warned.

I have a spreadsheet called “lifetime quilt tracker.” It should be fairly self evident what the purpose of it is. I discovered this week that I have been somewhat lax about keeping my stats up to date. Like really freaking lax, for more than a year. Oops. So I spent an hour? two? today pulling out quilts,  measuring them, and counting the number of pieces in them. And then I inputted all of it and sorted by the finished date. Then I added the start dates when I knew them. Then I found out that spreadsheets will calculate time for you, oh the joy!

Stats for you….

Fastest quilt ever: six days (it measures 20″ x 18″). Slowest quilt: 447 weeks and counting!

Smallest quilt: 3.75″ square. Largest quilt: 98″ square.

I have made 49 quilts (unless I’ve forgotten a few more). I have 13 in progress and one more being started next week. And a million more ideas.

I made my first quilt in January 2004. I started my second quilt in October 2007. My third quilt was May 2010 and I haven’t stopped since.

I never bought any of this fabric:


Carolyn Friedlander, “Ledger” from her first line, “Architexture”

But when it came out I loved it. It’s SPREADSHEET fabric!