Day 383

I started another project. Not quite oops because this is a quick turn around and there is a deadline and a purpose for it. But still…

I used to be part of an organization for which I still get the weekly email; last month I saw a call for entry and upon reading it I knew exactly what I would make for it, were I to make something for it. Fast forward through several weeks of not doing anything and I started it on Friday night.

Because my life is mostly kids, laundry, groceries, dishes, miscellany, etc, I plan most of my projects in my head (yes really, even doing block math and conversions to yardage and price thereof in my head). And I knew I had a piece of fabric that would not only suit this project but be perfect for it and also add a touch of wonderful. So I went to get that piece of fabric to use. Hmm, wasn’t there. Maybe this bin? Why would it be in this bin? Who cares, as long as it’s there. Oh. … Double check over here. Double check this other bin too. Damn. Where on earth could it have gone? I didn’t get rid of it did I? Surely not, because IT IS PERFECT FOR THIS PROJECT AND I NEED IT NOW. (Even thought I bought it for something else two years ago and never used it.) Can’t find it anywhere. Maybe I did get rid of it…now what? There is no other fabric that could be as wonderful as this one and I should abandon all of it and give up. 

If you have a half metre piece of pinstriped indigo linen you bought from me at the guild garage sale last year can I have it back please?


Day 383

Sunday Stash, with lots and lots of variety

Well if you’re going to buy fabric you should probably go big or go home.

First up is the fabulous stripe Cheryl picked out for me for my mighty lucky challenge. I’ve cut into it already and things are looking up. Edited to add: it’s done! check it out here.



Next up is fabric for the belated 5th birthday dress for W. I totally guessed on amounts but I’m sure there’s enough for a sundress at least. The solid is Kona pansy.



Then we strayed away from “necessary for an in-process project” into “I like this lots”.



Back into necessary fabric territory is this high-vis netting. Husband wants me to modify his fabric-and-reflective cycling vest into a mesh-and-reflective cycling vest. It’s 72″ wide. I predict I will have leftovers for years.


And there we go! 4.3m fabric in, 30.21$ out. And when the linkup opens, I’ll join up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.

Sunday Stash, with lots and lots of variety

Day 253

Lots of fabric today…a couple more polaroid blocks and I started six blocks for #quiltsforfortmac. That effort is being co-ordinated by the Ottawa MQG and Stacey at SloStudio.

They’ve asked for red, blue, green, yellow, and white, all colours from the Alberta flag.
Trimmed everything up tonight.

I am loving SO MUCH this use your stash business I’ve been trying this year. I highly recommend it.

And the mailman brought me FOUR envelopes today from the facebook mini-charm swap. Lynn F from Ontario bless your generous heart! She sent me 77 squares instead of the usual 50. I’ve received 17/29 envelopes so far and only four people have sent duplicates. So that’s much better as well. I am looking forward to the end of the month when I combine all the squares. And to using them in a quilt. That too.

So all in all, a very fabric-filled, generally happy day. Here’s to many more!

Day 253

Day 231

I’m sure I would feel better if I just sewed something. I’m itching to start a new project but I don’t want to add to my “quilts to be finished” list. At least the taxes are sorted out now, so there is more time to sew things.

I cut out the charms I needed for the last April birthday person in the mini-charm facebook swap group. Tami had asked for blues or yellows. I went with both.IMG_3013

And then I sorted them prettily:


My birthday is in May so I get to choose soon! There are SIX others also in May so I will be doing a lot of cutting. Fifty charms per person is the equivalent to just under .2m, so by the end of the year I will have used up approx. 5.5m. I’m determined to do as much of this as possible without buying anything.

Day 231

Day 213

So the caveat to the “buy only what you’re going to use” yesterday is this: In 2005 I was on a dance tour* to Nelson, BC and bought my first ever fat quarters. I bought two and I have one and a bit left. I still LOVE this fabric. LOVE.

centre detail copy

But today! I want to do a good job of quilting the blue/orange plus quilt so I will “practice” a bit on another unquilted quilt. This one got the short straw:


I am open to suggestions of all kinds! Except maybe my husband’s, he thinks the large flowery border needs something really geometric. I’m not convinced yet.

More compelling reasons to get shit quilted is that I have a list as long as my arm of quilts I want to make, 14 quilts actually in progress, and 7! SEVEN! of those are stuck at the quilting stage. Since I’m not well off enough to pay a long-armer, I had better get some quilting skillz.

*If you were curious, I am not a dancer though I was on a dance tour.

Day 213