Today is awesome!

Well hot damn! I’m a finalist for the “Vintage Rainbow” contest hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color, and sponsored by Fabricworm.

I would love for you to vote for my mosaic. I think it’s lovely.

Vintage Rainbow 2

Also awesome: I spent some time this morning and pulled out every project I have that is more than a pile of fabric but not yet finished. I put them all on the same list in the same place and found I have thirteen quilts-in-progress. Not bad! Worse than I would like but better than I feared.

Thanks again to Rachel and Fabricworm.

“Vintage Rainbow” mosaic contest

EDITED TO ADD: hooray, I’m a finalist! Vote for mine HERE.

Rachel @Stitched in Color is hosting another mosaic contest! This time around the theme is vintage rainbows and it is being sponsored by Fabricworm.

I was a finalist for an earlier mosaic contest but it was AGES ago. Way before blog. Just checked, it was July 2014.

I pulled together two mosaics for this go-round. I found a focus fabric I liked and pulled others to co-ordinate with it. Went to upload them to a collage formatter and it freaked out about my 93 pictures! That’s a lot of choices to have, and a lot to eliminate. So I made two.

Mosaic the First:

Vintage Rainbow 2


Mosaic the Second:

Vintage Rainbow

Of course I love all my children equally but I think No.1 is a little bit more my favourite.

You can see the other mosaics here. Voting will open on Wednesday 20th ! Thanks Rachel, and thanks Fabricworm.