Sunday Stash, it has been a while

I love my tracking spreadsheets. That is how I can say with utmost confidence that I haven’t bought fabric since last year. Since November 20th in fact.

I broke that record this week with a few acquisitions. Nothing terribly fun or because I loved it. Necessary purchases.


A bit of black for binding this quilt:


And yardage for a quilt backing.


I showed a friend a picture of that fabric and this quilt and asked what she thought. She said “if there is fabric that perfect for that quilt why haven’t you bought it yet?!”


So I left her fabric store and bought it.

Here’s the selvedge for people who care.


Now to trim and bind and stitch, and layer and baste and quilt and trim and bind.

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Sunday Stash, it has been a while

Day 459 – or free fabric for me!


It came, it came!

A few weeks ago for Scraptastic Tuesday I won a gift certificate to Mad About Patchwork from Leanne @SheCanQuilt and Nicki @MrsSew&Sew. Since I have been bitching and moaning about the unavailability of Kona Iron in town (and the price when it is in town) I ordered some.

And I ordered some more green shot cotton for my soccer quilt and some stripey that was on sale, just because.

The Kona Iron will be sashing for my polaroid quilt of course.

The green is to be background for my soccer hexie. I had previously bought Kaffe Fassett “Moss” only to find it was too dark.


Then after a long phone conversation with Katy at MAP I thought I would try the lime. I’m going for soccer field green and I’m not sure this is right either…

Moss on the bottom, lime on top. I feel like Goldilocks right about now…

Yay for new fabric! Yay for free fabric! Linking up with Molli Sparkles!

Day 459 – or free fabric for me!

More new fabric for me!

A few weeks ago Molli Sparkles had his 200th(!) Sunday Stash post. There were an embarrassment of riches for prizes.

I linked up the fabric from the box of random fabrics Netta gave me. And that had the result of winning this fabulous FQ bundle from Rita at Fabric Please which arrived yesterday!

Look, it’s a brown paper package tied up with string!



I love the rich and saturated colours in this combo. But what colour neutral would go best? Molli is using some sort of rich wine colour for his bundle. I’ll let mine mellow for a bit before letting inspiration strike.

Not a single selvedge so this is all mystery fabric to me. Pretty, but mysterious. 

Edited to add: Rita tells me the fabrics are, from top stripey circles to bottom diamonds:

Tula Pink – Slow & Steady – Clear Skies in Blue Raspberry

Joel Dewberry – Heirloom – Empire Weave in Garnet

Joel Dewberry – Cali Mod – Braid in Teal  

Joel Dewberry – Bungalow – Empress in Grass

Joel Dewberry – Bungalow – Chevron in Lavender

Zandra Rhodes – Lace Mountain – Fringed Shawl in Midnight

Tula Pink – Slow & Steady – Track Flags in Strawberry Kiwi

Thank you Molli and Rita!

And to bring it full circle, new fabric gets linked up with Sunday Monday Stash with Molli Sparkles!molli_sparkles_sunday_stash_badge

More new fabric for me!

[Sunday] Stash – more free fabric

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should keep it.

A friend of mine recently lucked into a huge box of fabric, which you can read about over here. Since she can’t use all of it (nor did she have room to keep it all) she passed it on to me.

First peek at the full box.

Here’s my short pile of fabrics I can see myself possibly using.



And my definite keep pile.


Here’s all the rest of everything. Inside the box is non-quilting fabric.


All these reproduction prints intrigue me however and I’m tempted to keep them for a project unto themselves.

Vampire fangs were not in the box, just on the table.

But repros? Me? A new project? Me? We’ll see.

It’s new fabric so must link up with the fabulous Molli Sparkles. He’s having some sort of anniversary party thing going on, in addition to the usual everyday fabulousness.

[Sunday] Stash – more free fabric

Sunday Stash, travelling edition

As previously mentioned, last weekend I jaunted off to Vancouver to take in the Vancouver MQG showcase of modern quilts. It was my first all-modern quilt show and I won’t soon forget it. I love modern quilts so much. I took a picture of pretty much every single quilt and a few backs too.

And I went the fabric store without kids! I went with a list so that I wouldn’t buy indiscriminately but I still had fun. What’s not to love about name brand fabrics at 6$-15$/m? Anna Maria Horner at 6$/m. WOW. I could have shopped for days…but I reined it in at 2 hours and 20 dollars. Here’s what that looks like.

Backing for THIS quilt.


It was tough to decide on this but the yellows match perfectly. And I had to pick something.


I saw this on Dressew’s instagram feed a while ago.


I really hope it will match this fabric:

Need to actually check but even if it doesn’t match I have a metre of cool stripes for 6$.

And some of this but only a little.


Low cost fabric is wonderful and everything but boy do I hate ripped fabric. Look at the pulls!


Then down to the basement to see if there were any treasures in the remnants bin:


Yes there were. Sparkly treasures to boot!

Half of a cartoon hallowe’en panel? Keep scrolling…


Ta-da! Best selvedge EVER.


Linking up with Molli Sparkles of course!



Sunday Stash, travelling edition