Sunday Stash, what a waste

Last week I was trying to decide the absolutely perfect binding for my polaroid quilt (surprise, that one’s nearly done!).

I had a few ideas but then I had another idea, an exciting idea, a wondrous idea, except I was short fabric for it. I rearranged my limited spare time to make it across town to the only store with the fabric in stock (at a whopping 15$/m for solids no less). Bought enough to bind the entire quilt.

Got home to find an email saying that fabric would be on sale on the weekend. Sigh.

Laid it out to test as a binding, and hated it. Sigh.


I have .4m of Kona Iron if anyone wants it. Linking up with Sunday Stash, because hey, I should be able to get something good out of this.


Sunday Stash, the random one

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


At 50$/m, it’s a good thing I only need a bit.


Four-way stretch lycra, in gold holographic glitter.

The most wonderful time of the year is of course Hallowe’en. Can you guess what type of costume requires these fabulous fabrics?


And while I was at the fabric store I bought this. Wasn’t going to miss it a THIRD time. No plans for it, I just really like this print. Half a metre and only 3.50$!


Linking up with a man who appreciates some gold holographic fabric in his life! Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles.



Sunday Stash, with generous friends

The guild July meeting isn’t a meeting, it’s an outdoor potluck picnic. It’s a good time, a much more casual time; we play games and get to know each other a little better. 

This year, instead of the modern FQ toss and the ugly fabric swap challenge we usually do, we had the ugly FQ toss. I didn’t actually bring fabric (all my fabric is still packed from the move) but as I wandered about admiring the others’ fabrics, I saw Gabrielle’s fabric. It was chartreuse with polka dots and purple, orange, and magenta flowers. Sounds like a train wreck right? I thought it was wonderful. 

She offered to give the piece she had left at home but long story short, Bethany won the toss and got to choose from all the fabrics. She chose Gabrielle’s, and gave it to me!!!!

Yay Gabrielle! Yay Bethany and her softball training and her generous spirit! Yay Dawna, Bethany’s mom who gave Bethany fabric to participate!

In all its glory…

This fabric will be perfect for my black and white eye bleed quilt. Just need to get started on that. 

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Sunday Stash, birthday edition

It was my birthday kinda-sorta recently (and I’m playing catch-up with my blogging.) Lucky me got some fabric! My friend Kari is my birthday twin and she gave me a couple of mini-charm packs. (I gave her flowers.)


Even with several (okay, seven) thousand charm squares I don’t have enough. I got these two for myself.


My sister went to Spool of Thread and gave me this awesomeness!


It’s a quarter yard (WOF) piece, so an odd size. And quite directional. I have no idea what I will use it for but I do love it. A quilt like these two might work with this fabric.

And there were these two random but fine FQ as well as some Cotton and Steel/Alice in Wonderland. The least said about those the better. (I am not a fan.)


Lucky me to get new fabrics! Thanks everyone. Linking up with Molli Sparkles