Tea Leaves, a finished quilt


Needs a wash for extra crinkly goodness, and to get rid of all the markings (especially the pink ones).

Idea was January? February? 2014 I liked the “Chai Tea” quilt from the “Vintage Quilt Revival” book. But I wanted to make mine HUGE. Not sure why I wanted to make it all grey though. Because black tea is wonderful?


Fabric bought through that winter/spring. Each block took a .25m (not a FQ because I couldn’t actually cut the sizes I needed from a FQ.) Blocks made by April 24, 2014.

I didn’t have the skills to do what I wanted in the blocks so I did the background first. Background quilted between July 2014 and November 16, 2014.


Isn’t that texture awesome?

Quilt put away after the domestic amputation of my left thumb Nov 16 2014. Bought a long arm to get this quilted (ha!)  and quilted the blocks Sept 22 – Nov 22, 2016. Some of them are awesome, some I was just trying things out. Not much shows up because the colours are so dark but all in all, it was good practice.


Some of my more successful motifs. I also tried to match the quilting to the pattern on the fabric.

Previous posts about this quilt are here and here. Most of the quilt was done before blogging.

Quilt Stats:

Title: Black Tea

Lifetime quilt no.60!

Started: April 2014

Finished: November 24, 2016 (138 weeks)

Size: 90″x90″ (unquilted top), 87.5″x88″ (quilted), still to be washed and measured

Number of pieces: 208

Quilting: dense custom quilting in each block and the background.

This is one of my thirteen projects on the Fourth Quarter of the 2016 Finish Along!

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Edited to add: quilt is for sale. Super reasonable. Email me for details.

Day 443

Spent all day working away at the tea leaves quilt. Decided on binding (the grey crosshatch from the backing), trimmed, made the binding, sewed it on, and buried threads. Still to do: check the back for stray threads I missed, fix four inches of stitching, and re-do the binding. And wash it.

It seems that I’m having trouble with my binding these days…not sure why exactly. I machine sewed this one and half-way through wished I was hand sewing it. I finished it anyway so that I can take pictures and then I can re-do it at my leisure. Or not.

I’m looking forward to seeing it washed. The crinkly goodness will be amazing!


Day 441

Today I finished quilting the last block on my grey tea leaves quilt. Hooray! I had actually done all the blocks on the longarm, finishing it on October 11th, but there was one block I wasn’t happy with so I re-did it on my domestic. Doing a one inch checkerboard on a 22″ block on a domestic machine does take a while.

Now it’s time to bury threads and get it bound. I’m torn between two fabrics: the first is Carolyn Friedlander’s screen/crosshatch fabric (which I used as the backing) and the second is this cool large dot I bought to be the binding for this quilt. But now it’s time and I’m having second thoughts about using it. The dots have a diameter of 1.25″.

Here’s a mock up with the dots:


And with the crosshatch:


And a random pic:img_4046

Thoughts? Preferences?

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Day 380

Felt SO MUCH happier today. I popped across town to visit my longarm and decided somewhat randomly to quilt one of my long languishing quilts. This is my grey tea leaves quilt, started in April 2014. I finished the top pretty quickly I think…I didn’t know what to quilt in the blocks so I quilted all the white in between space while I agonized about the rest of it.


Here a picture that shows the white areas. The quilt hasn’t been washed yet but it’s going to look fabulous when it is! And this is a colour picture btw.