Dear 25 year employee of one of the oldest quilting stores in my city:

When I come in to your store to replace an amazing spool of thread I bought from your store a few years ago, please try to help me find a suitable replacement instead of telling me “NOPE, don’t sell it!”

I do understand stock and suppliers change, but I am in your store wanting to spend money. I know I don’t often shop at your store because your prices are atrocious, but I am still a customer.


an earnest quilter

PS if anyone can find me a replacement for this,


100% spun polyester sewing thread HW, 60/2, light grey (spelled the Canadian way), 10,000M spool

I would be forever grateful. I use this magic colour as a bobbin thread on many quilts and am starting to run out!

A hodge-podge of miscellany

I think we have a winner! Top right layout is the one I hate least for my polaroid blocks. I will layout all the blocks to finalize it before sewing.


Prepping a “tips and tricks” mini blurb on thread weights for guild meeting tomorrow night.


Far left spools are 12wt. I spaced out my tape strip weirdly.

And this is also what’s going on. Scheduling time on my long arm continues to be challenging but I’ve got this half done now. #myfirstpantograph


And that’s the kind of day it’s been!

Day 302

Popsicles make a wonderful dessert for kids, and are wonderful time savers for grown-ups. While the kids were eating/licking/anthropomorphizing their popsicles I washed the dishes. That meant the kitchen was clean before bed time so I had the sewing machine set up by 7:45!

I’m working on a secret project for a friend so I can’t show you pictures but I did do some quilting tonight. Yay.

I basted the quilt this afternoon on my design wall instead of the floor. Much easier on the knees for sure.

This is the back of the quilt here. I wanted to choose my thread when I had good light this afternoon so I popped out my thread drawer and put it on my stove so that I didn’t have to walk back and forth.


Yep, that’s all the thread I have.