Day 291

A few days ago I gave out my big quilting tip “if you stitch something, press it.” That’s an awesome tip and I stand by it. My other big quilting tip is “if you’re stuck creatively, tidy up.” Because honestly, no matter how tidy you are, you can always be tidier.

And when you do a tidy up, you might find things you had forgotten about. Hello goldfish shark fabric! Or you might find things you had misplaced. Like the two fat quarters of solid black that you needed but couldn’t find so you went to the store and spent money needlessly on more black solid*. For instance.

*Your experience might be slightly different. Or exactly the same. If so then let’s be friends and we can curse our messiness together.


Did you think I was kidding about this fabric?

And in other good news, I figured out my next project. It’s the June Mighty Lucky club challenge of course! Tick tock baby, the month is nearly done.