is such a wonderful feeling.

Two posts ago I had hauled out a pretty pile of fabric. I’m pleased to report that fabric has been not only cut, but also sewed together! I might have actually bought a smidge more fabric for this as well as mooched some scraps from a friend. But I’m so thrilled to finally, FINALLY! be making progress.


This was my layout tonight. The next step is cutting and piecing long strips of another fabric which I’ll wait to do when I’m less tired.

Best Laid Plans and all that


I first showed this fabric pull waaaay back in May 2017. And it’s been stressing me out since then to have this fabulous pull just sitting around. I’m now up to about the sixth or seventh pattern idea.

Today I futzed around with it *AGAIN* (yes, jazz hands are required when you say that bit) and found a plan that a) I liked and b) is achievable with the fabric I have (which is always a key thing. Who wants to buy more fabric?) To make it official I started cutting.

Wish me luck with this one!

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