Day 358

I’m back! I went to Vancouver and saw some gorgeous modern quilts. There were some not so gorgeous ones too but it was my very first all-modern show and it was wonderful. Also wonderful was two days and nights by myself. I bought fabric and went out for lunch and took nearly three hundred pictures but those will be for another day because today, I sewed.

I’ve been good about finishes this summer but I’m itching to piece something. Instead of starting another quilt I pulled out an in-progress quilt to work on. It’s the husband door quilt. Searching the archives tells me I have previously tagged this one “hst value quilt.” It’s a quilt to cover the door of the living room so that when husband is working and I am sewing the sound of the machine is somewhat blocked. At some point I needed to make more blocks so today I did.


This quilt is all earth toned batiks (and blue and grey too, but mostly mud and tree colours). I found this bit of hand dyed blue when I made my blue and orange plus quilt so I save it for this project. The browns in the top right were a dollar at the guild garage sale a couple of weeks ago and to find the beige bits which are definitely not batik but I don’t care anymore, I went to the pile of 5″ squares.


7″ of charm squares.


Day 60

Oof! The kids had a sleepover last night so this morning so I made tea, set up the sewing machine and went to town on my HST blocks. Got all the blocks sewn into rows, and I think eight rows sewn together.

And then Mr. HWQ and I wound up doing massive tidying projects – he took every book off the shelves, dusted, and re-sorted them. (We’ve got over a thousand books, so this was a multi-hour job.)

I took all my large bins of fabric (the ones that live in the garage) and started sorting them. Decided I will never use the fancies: 10m of silks, 5m+ of velvets, 5m+ of wools, etc etc. Now I’m sorting the quilting fabrics and putting lots of new fabrics away. Actually I’m not done the sorting yet and still have to put all but two bits of new stuff away. Tomorrow!