Log Cabin Progress

Even though life is busy (oh how it’s busy!) and I’m sick, I’ve made progressĀ on my artsy log cabin quilt. I’ve had this idea for a year or two now and I think it will fit nicely for an art show call for entry. I made a bunch of blocks but decided to start over and go smaller.

I went from eight blocks like this:


4″ square, finished.

to this one:


3.5″ finished. And that crumb near the bottom is mighty irritating.

Since I liked the smaller block with tiny logs more, I ripped apart the blocks I had made. (That sounds like I went all Hulk on them but really I just used my stitch ripper while watching tv.)

This morning I resewed the blocks, yay!


And then I cut fabric for three and a half hours.


This is a sandwich size container with 842 pieces of fabric in it. Mind boggling isn’t it? The smallest is 1.5″x .75″ and the largest is 4″x.75″. The polka dot fabric pieces are 1.5″ square.

To heck with 50 shades of grey, that’s 41 tintsĀ of white.

And to get some encouragement for the finish line, I’m linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts and My Quilt Infatuation.


A New Project


Deadline looming, so best get started. I’ve wanted to make this one for well over a year and it will fit beautifully (I think) for a call-for-entry.


I am using the leftovers from this quilt-still-in-progress:



That’s thirty-five different white tone on tones. I didn’t know I had so many! And now that I do know, I want ten more so that I’ll have no repeats. Local friends, I’ll be hitting you up after I make a test block!

Since these are all definitely scraps from a previous project, I’m linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday!