Day 470

What is wrong with this picture?


If you said “it’s not a quilt” you’re right. But you’re also right if you noticed that the pattern is on the right side of the fabric, which is the wrong side for cutting out garments. Quilting has spoilt me for garment sewing forever!

This week’s project: a family’s worth of pjs/nightgowns/pj pants. Pictured: sleeves and facings of nightgown, size 10.

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Day 469

Started a new job two weeks ago. A new career actually. Guild meeting/social, my last one as president. And a busy time of year, so lots of schedule juggling for getting everything done. Then add four house guests to four people in an 800 sq ft house, and guests, even best beloved sisters who come with amazing toddlers and cuddly squishy babies are sometimes a pain.

Especially when she says “will you make us some stockings while we’re here?” ….

Of course I will. Of course is the only answer you can give when you are a maker and someone ASKS you for your expertise and materials and you love them.


It’s not much, but now Santa has something to work with.