I overcame

My last post was kind of grumpy about my current quilt in progress, which hasn’t featured heavily here before. This year I’m working my way through the “Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters” by Sherri Lynn Wood. (Click the link to see the previous posts about these quilts.)


Here was my sticking point. I eventually realized a lot of the squares and rectangles were too big so I grabbed my big girl scissors and cut them up. And suddenly everything started working!


I also committed most of a day to plugging away at it.


Here is my finished top! I’m considering not trimming it square… we’ll see.

On a different day I made a backing too. I’m generally not a fan of “use the leftovers to make the backing” but somehow it felt right to do it on this quilt. This used all the rest of the yukata cottons. The pale grey is leftover from a previous backing.


I doubt anyone but me will notice but the bottom strip of white/indigo fabrics are the only time I oriented them horizontally. I used a vertical orientation everywhere else as a design constriction.

So yay, finally done. All ready to be quilted, and ready for the next improv score!

Day 193

Busy day today. Second day of the workshop with Marianne. B is sick with the flu. Life is what happens when you’re not looking!

Dug out the instructions for #Mighty Lucky Club for March (which I haven’t started yet, oops!). Rossie Hutchison is looking at colour this month with “One Wrong Color”. Started thinking about possibilities.

Had an idea for a some fabric I’ve had for a while now, some beautiful Yukata cottons from Okan Arts. When I bought them in July 2013 I had a specific pattern I wanted to make. But Patricia had a heavy hand with the yard stick and I wound up with a LOT more than I needed (thanks again Patricia!). I didn’t want leftovers and I didn’t want such a large wall hanging, so the fabric has sat since then. I’m still mulling this over but progress is being made in my head.

And I finished off those birds in the air blocks. I love hand sewing while watching tv. It seems less wasteful of time.

Happy international quilt day peeps!